Connecting Customer using a most Advanced Solution

CloudRatify will connect you with real customers. We have designed our questions in such a manner that customer will happy to answer and it will make a genuine feedback for Business Owner.

  • Measure customer Feedback over time
  • Analyze customer happiness.
  • Can Schdule Survey for multiple customers
  • Daily Analysis in mail.
Customer Feedback

Exploring the Possibilities in Consumer Networks

ClodRatify not only take customer feedback, it also give oppurtunity to explore new customer in terms of references. It can collect references while taking feedback from customers.

  • Simple and Effective Questions List
  • Easily customizable questions
  • Delight customers using loyalty points
  • Survey with your brand logo
  • Simple Steps to create survey
  • Broadcast survey to multiple customers in one go.

Best Customer Support and Always Best Solutions in Hand

We assure, best customer support in industry. We itself introduced our feedback system to tackle problems. This also help us to understand your concern easily.

  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Easy process to customize as per your need
  • Nominal Usage Charges
  • Easy registration & activation
  • Easy Product Documentation
  • Easy to use product

Awesome Design & Great Functionalities

CloudRatify is designed with great features and performance. We have used latest technologies to make this product performing best in all sitution.

What CloudRatify Gives You

CloudRatify is design with well established architecture which fits for every business.

Fully Responsive

CloudRatify is fully responsive and it is scalling automatically according to device type.

Clean Code

Code is well written and we have implemented most of design pattern to make it cleaner and injectible.

Easy To Configure

It is very easy to configure and manage CloudRatify.

Clean Design

We have used best practise to make this system well performing, scalable and faster.

Well Documented

Every page is documented in cleary and consige manner. This will help user to work easily with our system.

Instant Support

We are ready to connect with you for any issue while working on system.

Easy to get started, Four Step Process


01 Access Your Dashboard

Access your dashboard after successfully login into system.

02 Create and Send Survey

Create survey using existing questions and send it to customers. Create your own question, if not satisfied with existing one.

03 Check Customer Feedback

See each customer feedback to get actual result.

04 Analyze feedback

Watch data analyis report of each question.

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